While April usually kicks off our busiest real estate season…last month was more like a drop-kick!

Denver’s average single-family homes’ sales price hit an all-time high: $553,371 (condos increased to $368,565).

So while homeowners’ price negotiations were strong, home buyers had some key advantages:

  • More time to house-hunt as listings spent 28 days on the market (last April, it was only 20 days).
  • With over 7,000 properties on the market, home buyers also had a lot more inventory to choose from (every April since 2015, our supply has only been in the 5,000s).

No doubt we have more intense months ahead. Home buyers and agents, to be on top of your game, we’ll design an excellent strategy and a team of professionals to navigate our market’s unexpected shifts.

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Sources: https://www.dmarealtors.com/dmar-real-estate-market-trends-report-may-19