Divorce, Real Estate & Mortgage Financing is an issue when you are separating or getting a divorce. Whether refinancing your home after a divorce, or you are going to to purchase a new home, involving a Certified Divorce Lending Professional is important.

As a Certified Divorce Lending Professional in Littleton Colorado, I specialize in working with clients that are separating or going through a divorce situation as well as family law attorneys and financial planners.

I bring expertise of the connection between Law, Tax, and Mortgage Financing Strategies as they all relate to real estate and divorce.

If you have questions about alimony, child support, divorce buyouts or any other divorce or legal separation concerns, please give me a call.

Michelle Oddo is a top mortgage producer at Luminate Home Loans in Littleton Colorado with a proven track record. She’s like to help you in this time of transition.

Michelle Oddo: 303-961-6906