Should I Buy a Home This Spring?

Spring 2023 Edition

With so much recent change in the housing market, you probably have questions about what it all means for your homebuying plans this spring.
Two things that are likely top of mind for you are mortgage rates and housing prices.

Don’t let market uncertainty delay your goals.

If you’re thinking about pausing your home search because of mortgage rates, you may want to reconsider. This could actually be an opportunity to buy the home you’ve been searching for. The rise in mortgage rates is leading some potential homebuyers to pull back on their search for a new home.

So, if you stay the course, you’ll likely face less competition among other buyers when you’re looking for a home. This is welcome relief in a market that has so few homes for sale.

We’ve created a guide to walk you through the things you should consider as a potential home buyer.

Take a look at our 🌸spring edition of our publication, “Things to Consider When Buying a Home”.

buying a home in 2023

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